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Interior Painting 

Interior painting is a skill and an art. There is a reason why people call painters. Either because they have no time or they do not want to do it themselves for fear of messing the job up. The reason why painting is very difficult for untrained professionals is because it shows all of ones mistakes. That is why we have trained ourselves to be professional painters through articles, videos and many, many hours of experience and practice. Now we have it down, mastered and we came turn your home into a beautiful dwelling. We will sit with you and help you choose the colour scheme. Leave the rest to us. Walls, ceilings, baseboards, trims, doors, cabinets, crown moulding, wainscotting, whatever the need we can fix it, prepare it then apply beautiful coats of paint to it. There is more to painting then slapping it on the wall, it is an art, it is a skill. This is what we are here for.