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Exterior House Painting 

Exterior house painting is usually important to homeowners for two primary reasons: 

1. Aesthetics 

2. Protection 


Aesthetics are important because the exterior of the home is first appearance people see when they arrive at one's home. As a company Painters Touch has spent a lot of time painting the exterior of heritage homes. Heritage homes are an important part of the heritage, culture, and arts of London, Ontario. Most of the heritage homes in London were built in the 1800s or early 1900s. It was then many of the home builders put time, care and artistic thought into the building of these homes. Our job as painters is to help preserve and sustain the beauty of these homes. It is also our job to restore and bring out the beauty that has been lost in some homes. We care about heritage homes. 

Protection: Painting and keeping up with ones exterior house painting is the wisest thing for a homeowner to do. It preserves the wood. In the case where wood has began to rot we can replace this wood and also patch holes. In the past we have even added decor pieces to peoples homes in order to help bring out the heritage look which shapes the London core.

After we do an estimate on your home and you accept we will begin the process of beautifying your home. If you are serious about creating an amazing heritage look at your home then I can promise you that we will do our best work and help you the best we know how with all the skill we have, and we have skill. 






We have no issues with your high heights. We here, at Painters Touch have our very own 51 ft towable boom lift. We are invested in being safe and secure and providing excellent work with our exterior homes.



Thanks for choosing Painters Touch.

Look forward to meeting you soon! 


Jason Taff