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We had an amazing opportunity to paint all the wooden areas on this gorgeous heritage home located on Hellmuth ave in London Ontario. The colours were altered slightly from the original. The original darker green colour was much more light and we, with the combined decisions of the the homeowner deepened the colour to make it a deep olive colour called meander. We contrasted the meander with a light beige colour. You can see the impressive detailed work around the top dormer window. Also note the beautiful square ridges that pop out at the top of the porch. We used an artist brush to paint each one individually so that the woodwork would pop more. One of the most challenging feats of this job, besides the height of it, was the beautiful cursive written letters of the home that needed to be re-written after the colour change.

 We used an airless sprayer (Graco 390) to cover in the dormer and soffits in meander and brush work for all the beige. Overall the house presents itself very sturdy, strong, and cool. While there is enough pop, there is also a modest appeal to the home. From the road you only really notice the home when you take a good look. Its modest appeal, and cool colours that blend well together help the house remain reserved. 



Each home has a story. This home interconnects with our story as a painting company. We met an amazing lady who knew the owners of this home. She referred us graciously. It was near the beginning of our business. That April we began this large home reaching past 40 ft high. The Church next door owns this home and currently rents it out to refugee's. The exterior of the home had been neglected for too many years. We had a lot of work to do. We spent a week just on prepping this home. Then it rained for almost two weeks straight. This allowed neighbours to see we were working on this home. By the time we finished the project many neighbours were impressed with our work ethic, our attention to detail and our kind persona we brought to the neighbourhood and this summer resulted in us never leaving this neighbourhood in the Old North of London. 


This home also was the gateway to a great relationship we built with Blake Exteriors. They are a highly recommended eaves, soffits, fascia, and siding installation company. They were impressed with one simple thing we did. We took down the entire down spout off the home and sprayed it, then reinstalled it. They told us they see countless painters simply just paint the visible area of the down spout. As members of the Church which owned the house, they were pleased we went the extra mile and now they have been a great source of referrals for us.  

The homeowners were not as interested in fancy colour selection but rather protection from the elements. This meant great prep and good paint application. However we did advise that a darker deck floor could bring a little flair to the home and they agreed and were happy with the result. This is what we call our "Church Home" and we will never forget this one. 


 A large request we often get for interior work are the tall entry ways into homes. These walls are 20+ft high and require careful ladder work to complete. We love them. They are Elena's favourite. In this current home we did in a nice neighbourhood in Lambeth, the home owners wanted not only the entry way painted, but the hallways and the master bedroom. They also preformed a colour change. They wanted a more modern look with the light greys with a blue undertone. 


Inside the master bedroom was a massive crack in the drywall that they needed repaired. It was okay before because furniture hid the crack. With the new furniture coming in the room they needed that hole gone. The easiest thing was just to let us take care of that. It is something we do.
















In this room the red couch really acts as a great accent colour to the rest of the room. The previous room was an old fashioned creamy colour. The homeowners after 15 years of residency in their home decided to shake their decor up. We painted the window wall, back wall and near walls a quite grey and used a very prestigious wallpaper on the far wall. When you walk into this home, this room is on your very left, providing a very eloquent look.




While on the topic of "red" we often get calls to refinish shutters. In the old heritage areas restoring shutters is a great idea. The old wood is usually in good condition still. We took this directly off the outside of the house, turned them around and the before picture is the back of these shutters. An utter shutter disaster. The fronts, while one colour at least, did not look much better. We took our time sanding them down the best we could and finished them with our airless sprayer. We sprayed both sides for extra protection and installed them back onto the old yellow brick house. (See below and after picture of the shutters on the home below.)










It is always nice to help people do their entire house when they move in. When people move in they are excited, and they have dreams and visions for change in their new home and we get the opportunity to help them transition into that change.



















A real-estate agent whom we have worked for before ( Melody Gilmore) called us to a condo she had been asked to sell. One condo was allowing moisture through one of the windows and causing mold. The tenants who occupied the home previously allowed the mold to increase. They wanted the whole entire ceiling painted. One problem, the ceiling had never been painted before and it was a popcorn ceiling. Popcorn ceilings that have never been painted before flake easy when touched. So if we take a rolled and try to roll out the ceilings our roller will pull most of the popcorn ceiling with it. We had to take up the entire floor and cover it with plastic then spray the ceilings. We had to use a special mold remover for the moldy areas. Nonetheless the final product was sharp and the agent had no problem selling this condo. 






Rumour has it that Bishop Hellmuth personally lived in this home on Hellmuth ave. Unfortunately the homes exterior did not get taken care of too well, until the current homeowners took over. The entire brick was flaking with green paint. None of the decor pieces had separate colours and the all paint every square inch of the house was peeling. We had the privilege to turn this house back to an awesome heritage home. We even personally designed a dormer for them as the previous dormer had no design at all. In order to highlight the fancy wood work we used a slightly darker grey then the grey we used on the brick to bring out the wood work. 















Pictures of the back side of the Hellmuth home show the colour change we preformed on their siding. 



We used a product on the surface of the deck called Deck revive. Deck revive is a product that is suppose to allow the paint on the surface of decks last 5-10 years in a harsh southern Ontario climate. The paint is mixed with a gritty cement texture. Read more here (Deck Revive).


We also painted and installed black shutters next to the top window. 



        We also painted the spindles, eaves, downspout and fascia white.
















We were blessed to have such great clients and be able to completely transform the exterior of an entire house! We sprayed the brick, used artist brushes for the decor pieces and rolled out the deck floors with the deck revive. One more heritage home to add to the list of homes we have done. We are happy to help bring back to life this beautiful home which weather and apathy had gotten the best of. We are happy the current owners want to take such great care of it! 




Staining decks are a personally favourite of mine (Jason Taff). We used a solid stain on this deck. Including on the lattice and the spindles. We actually sprayed it on the deck and back rolled it afterwards to make sure the stain got into every little crack on the deck. We also took a brush to make sure we got in between the deck boards. If that attention to detail is not taken care of it can result in the client seeing a different colour through the cracks which is not very appealing to the eye.

 As we explored out creative side we actually tried this new venetian silk paint from Dulux . You are able to choose your own colour. You mix the colour with the textured paint and apply the paint with a plastic trowel. First you apply a base coat of paint then the textured paint. This way you are able to get the different colours. The texture and the style is completely up to you it depends on how you apply with with the trowel. In this case I wanted to get a wavy look and that was what I got! 







This is another heritage home we had the opportunity to do. The homeowner was done a great job keeping up with the painting. They choose to stick with a similar colour scheme, only changing slightly. We added a few more off white lines to the pillars to express the woodwork and lightened up the ceiling of the porch from the yellow colour they had previously. Each decor piece under the soffit is also an off white. There are three tones of colour in the house.The pillars and spindles are a little lighter then the dormer.








Cut lines are a very important part of a paint job. Having a straight cut line and make or break it between a good clean looking job and a poor sloppy one. Fortunately we have taught ourselves on how to cut straight lines while painting. That is painting without tape. As my Uncle always told me, "real painters do not need tape!" This is of course unless you need tape to mask off areas for spray painting. However, a painter should know how to use a brush properly and draw a straight line with their brush. This picture is an example of what a straight line looks like while painting. 






Occasionally we get a call to do vinyl. In this case the homeowner just could not stomach the look of her home from the outside anymore. with a yellowy dormer and fading red shutters, things needed to change. They also needed a piece of fascia installed. They wanted to go for a more modern look and after we installed the Fascia piece a modern look is what they got!