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Q: Which type of paint do you use? 

A: Very simple we use whatever you want us to use. 

Q: What paint do you recommend? 

A: We only recommend high-quality paints. Our personal favourite for both exterior and interior is Dulux's Diamond. It is a high-performance paint, with excellent coverage, durability and clean finish. 

Q: Do you do Cabinets? 

A: Yes we do cabinets using our shop and Graco 390 sprayer we can help clients create a new lasting finish on their kitchen cabinets. 

Q: Do you do onsite cabinet spraying or offsite. 

A: We do both onsite and offsite cabinet spraying. 

Q: Are you able to reach extremely high heights, I have a tall home? 

A: Yes, we are fully prepared to reach the heights your home requires. Both interior and exterior. Some interior homes have high entryways and other parts of the house and on the large exterior homes we can use a ladder, scaffolding or a boom lift, to get the job done. 

Q: How long will the paint job last? 

A: This question is usually asked regarding exterior work because interior paints can really last a lifetime. Exterior paints typically last between 5-10 years depending on the surface of the house (wood, vinyl, stucco, etc...) the proper prep put into the work (which with us will be high class) and the side of the house. The more sunlight, the quicker the fade. 

Q: Are you insured? 

A: Yes we have one million dollars in third party liability insurance. 

Q: How much experience do you have? 

A: We have a combined 15+ years of experience in the painting industry. 

Q: Do you do colour consultation? 

A: Yes part of our service is to offer clients colour consultation. 

Q: Some of my wood is damaged, can you repair this? 

A: Yes, working among, especially heritage homes we are accustomed to doing the wood repair as seen necessary. 

Q: I would like my home spray-painted, can you do that? 

A: Yes we specialize in spray painting homes for a fine finish that leaves a great impression. 

Q: I want to hang wallpaper do you do this? 

A: Yes, after given the advice to not do a wallpaper with your spouse, we did anyways and do not regret doing so. 

Q: Can you repair holes in our drywall? 

A: Yes, we can repair the damage done to the drywall. 

Q: It is very important to me that painters will patch little holes before painting do you do this? 

A: Yes, a smooth painting surface is ideal for the most classy look. 

Q: It is very important to me that the caulking is done correctly, will you make sure this happens? 

A: Yes, we take care to caulk all areas needed before we begin painting. 

Q: Preparation is highly important to me for my exterior work, what do you do to ensure this will happen? 

A: Our goal is to make sure our customers are happy and that their job is done right, we take the extra time to scrape, sand, patch, caulk and prime all areas that need it before we begin painting. 

Q: Can you pressure wash my home? 

A: Yes, we can. We always want to have a clean surface before we start working. 

Q: My home has a lot of detailed work, are you cable of doing this? 

A: Yes our specialty is detailed work, with steady hands and pride in what we do, we ensure your detailed work gets done correctly.