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Jason and Elena upon marriage in 2017 combined their experience and skill in the painting industry and began their own company called Painters Touch. Jason an experienced painter, marketer and entrepreneur and Elena who grew up under a father who ran a painting business combined their strengths to make Painters Touch one of London, Ontario's reliable, detailed orientated and creative house painting companies that homeowners can count on. Upon the beginning of their business Elena who had been working in painting new construction houses for the past 5 years and Jason who specialized in exterior painting in Calgary, Alberta a few years prior found themselves with one of their first jobs in together in the Old North neighbourhood in London, Ontario. This job which started in April stretched itself longer than expected because of the excessive rain that month. This allowed the neighbours to see that work was being done on a nearby house and when it was finished it resulted in many neighbours asking for quotes from the two. This resulted in an explosion of heritage homes to be painted. Not before too long they began developing a reputation as good, reliable and respectable heritage house painters. Soon the two fell in love with heritage homes and soon purchased their own heritage home. It is now their passion to do exterior and interior heritage painting. It requires more skill, detail and creativity. The two feel it pushes them to be the best painters they can be. If you are looking for a good, reliable, and trustworthy painter(s) who value hard work and high-quality effort and results, look no further then Painters Touch.